The Eastern Draft Horse Association is the largest horse pulling
organization in the country, with hundreds of members from all over
the United States and Canada . We are a non-profit organization.
The Eastern Draft Horse Association holds its annual pull at the end of
the season in October. The "Round-up" is regarded as the largest and
most prestigious pull in the country with three days of horse pulling
excitement, an auction, and other interesting features.  All are invited
to watch this exciting event!  

The objectives of the Eastern Draft Horse Association are:

  • To insure the proper treatment of pulling horses by working with
    each of the New England state's Commissioners of Agriculture,
    Commissioners of Fairs, and the Society for the Prevention of
    Cruelty to Animals.
  • To raise the standards of horse pulling by establishing rules and
    regulations for the efficient and equal judging of pulling contests.
  • To stimulate interest in horse pulling in the general public.

We hope you'll consider joining the EASTERN DRAFT HORSE
ASSOCIATION and take advantage of all membership has to offer.
Eastern Draft Horse Association
Welcomes You!
Horse Prayer
"O Creator, maker of all that was, is
and is yet to be, Let my service be
acceptable to my master and to thee.
Give my bones strength, and my
muscles power, So that I may
faithfully serve my master, come Sun
or come shower..."

- Jason Wentworth
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please contact the EDHA Board.
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2018 Approved Rules & Regulations
2018 Officers & Board of Directors
Eastern Draft Horse Association  
60th Championship Round Up
October 12th, 13th & 14th
Click for more information
~Round Up Program Book
     If you are interested in placing an ad in the Round Up
Program Book, please contact Tania or Jeremy Johns BEFORE
September15th.  Tania - 603-762-8126 - Jeremy - 603-477-0216

Raffle Donations Items
     We have started collecting items already.  If you have
something to donate you can being it Friday to the Round Up or
get it to Tania Johns before.

     Visit the sponsorship page here.

     There is room inside and outside for vendor space.  $100 per
day with Electricity or $50 per day with no electricity.  Let us know
ASAP if interested.